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Brisbane Domestic Airport Pick up Procedure:

Brisbane Domestic Airport Pick up Procedure:

Update: 13/11/2019 @10:30pm


In an effort to reduce costs to drivers we are changing our pickup procedure for Brisbane Domestic Airport. You are no longer required to enter into the ground transport area and pay the levy charged by the airport.

When a customer arrives at the airport they are now required to collect their bags and make their way to the Public Pickup area. At the public pick up area there are a series of coloured flags on poles which now have a numbers on them. The customer is to text you with the number on the flag that they are standing under.

You are then to make your way from the holding area ( aka shell/McDonalds service centre carpark) to the designated numbered flag.

You must follow these instructions because you can no longer enter the ground transport area without first going through the rideshare pickup area which is just a waste of time. Plus doing it this way means no airport fee and second no delays as the customer can’t text you the flag number unless they are ready and waiting.